What Should You Do After Being Served a Subpoena?

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What Should You Do After Being Served a Subpoena?

A Subpoena is backed by the force of law that requires an individual to either appear in court to testify or produce some piece of documents required in an ongoing case. The legal process servers at Ai Legal Services, professionals delivering legal documents throughout New Jersey and Nationwide, know that many people find this experience extremely stressful. They urge you not to panic, and to simply follow the instructions contained in the subpoena.

The directions given in a subpoena are usually very simple, requiring you to arrive in court, swear to tell the truth, and proceed to answer the questions presented to you. Many people who resist responding to a subpoena do so because they worry about divulging information that could be held against them. However, ignoring the Subpoena could actually result in contempt of court charges, so attending is unfortunately not optional. Consult with an attorney who will help ensure that your constitutional rights against self-incrimination are preserved.

If the subpoena requires that you produce documents or other property, it’s usually in your best interest to simply present the evidence to the court. If the evidence in question is incriminating to you or someone else, you should speak with an attorney to address all of your legal options. Never destroy evidence or property under subpoena, even if they are yours. This is a crime, and will only result in further charges and more subpoenas.

Ai Legal Services delivers subpoenas and summonses for government agencies, corporations, and private individuals all over the state, with a dedication to accuracy and prompt services. Visit their to learn more about their tiers of service and reputation for reliability, or call (201) 751-1771 to talk with a process server professional.

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